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Which is the the best combination between breeders? Which crossing should you avoid? Using Next Generation Sequencing and the latest algorithms from evolutionary biology, we tell you how you should cross your breeders to maximise offspring performance and avoid inbreeding.

Your benefits:

  • Improved growth, up to + 20%
  • Reduced mortality
  • Increased female fecundity, up to 2x more eggs
  • Increased genetic diversity
  • No inbreeding








A central aspect of river restocking is to define the right conservation units. Unintentionally mixing fish populations during artificial reproduction homogenizes allelic frequencies among populations and can affect the persistence of locally adapted genotypes. How many genetically distinct population does a river system host? Using Next Generation Sequencing, we answer this question with a resolution and an accuray far beyond conventional genetic techniques.

Your benefits:

  • High resolution population structure analysis
  • Clear definition of your conservation units
  • Assessement of the inbreeding within each population






Whether you are a fish producer or a conservation manager, the genetic information of your fish are your most valuable resource. With sperm cryopreservation, we offer you long term banking of your genetic material. These sperm can be retrieved anytime to produce a new generation that carry the genetic material we have kept for you.

Your benefits:

  • A life-time insurance for your genetic material
  • Extends the generation time of your breeders
  • Increases flexibility of gamete availability over time
  • Restores local populations after collapse (eg. river pollution)